Teaching Testimonials

“I have been coached by Mairi Armstrong for the last few years, recommended by a singer friend whose progress with her had been stunning. I am an experienced professional singer, but Mairi has always been able to deal with vocal issues which have come up and to help me improve my singing. Her own singing technique is absolutely sound and she really understands voice production and is able to communicate adjustments both minor and major which have enhanced my confidence and enjoyment of my voice. She has helped me post viral laryngitis on more than one occasion to rehabilitate my voice when I have been afraid it will never come back!
In addition she is a delightful person with infectious energy so I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with her.”

I had been singing for many years – mainly rock and pop, but as I found out, without the proper technique. I found Mairi to be warm and innovative. Her style is relaxed but focused which works for me and in particular, trying different things enabled me to understand the techniques better. She has a wide knowledge of music from opera and musical theatre to contemporary rock and pop. Overall, my experience with Mairi has been fun whilst my voice has definitely improved and gone places it hadn’t before. I would happily recommend Mairi as I haven’t got a bad thing to say about her! Carpe Diem!

“A few years ago (2016) I tried singing lessons with a totally different teacher and had nothing but sore throats and was told ‘your throat will stop hurting eventually. So I gave up lessons, but I still wanted to get better at singing. Wind on to 2019 and I found Mairi and to be honest, was a bit sceptical after my experience a few years ago. But wow! Mairi is excellent, the first few lessons have been all about breath support and finding my own voice. And I’ve not had any pain whatsoever and can hear a major difference in voice when I use it correctly. I will definitely be sticking with Mairi and look forward to the result of my voice after her care and strengthen in the coming months/years
Cameron, 26 year old Male”

“Mairi is a fantastic singing teacher. I had lessons with her for 12 years! When I started with her I was going through a difficult time: I had just had a baby and was wondering whether I should continue singing. She made me realise that I definitely should continue. With Mairi all the things that other teachers had taught me in the past suddenly slotted into place and made sense when they previously hadn’t. She demanded high standards from me, which in the past I hadn’t dared risk. She made me realise that if you work hard you will be rewarded with good results. She is a really kind, genuine, fun and approachable teacher who has completely changed my singing. She also has a wonderful dog called Rufus who I loved visiting each week!”
Caroline Hunter – Soprano

“After many years of not singing, I feel so lucky to have found Mairi as my teacher and I have learned so much from her. She is very professional, honest and sincere, but always makes our lessons fun! The suggestions and encouragement I’ve received from her have helped me a lot, which in turn, helped me to develop a voice that I didn’t know that I had.

I would highly recommend her for any student who wishes to develop, whilst learning a healthy technique.”

Matt Creasey

“I am eternally indebted to Mairi for providing her expertise and sensitive professionalism in the art of singing. I can be in no doubt, that her skill and unerring patience, together with her innate ability to motivate, has facilitated my transition to a far higher standard of singer. Crucially, she has enabled me through her tuition, to find the confidence to realise my potential and sown the seeds for ever more development in this direction.” – Mark Ford

“Well the thing about Mairi is that she has an amazing voice so you know from the outset that she knows how to get the best from the voice. Mairi is excellent at teaching techniques in a way that it is easy to understand and put into practice. My time with Mairi was not about turning up and having a sing instead it was about developing a vocal instrument based on solid principles.
I would highly recommend ” – Donna Apariccio
“Mairi has been great. She is really supportive and gives you the courage to try things you never thought you could, and sound great while doing it!” – Clare Cooper

“If you are looking to improve and strengthen your voice, in a warm, friendly and very encouraging atmosphere then Mairi’s lessons are not to be missed! Since starting singing lessons with Mairi, I have noticed a clear improvement in the strength and tone of my voice, and would highly recommend Mairi to any young professionals currently auditioning and/or working to keep them in top form! Always a great class!” – Hanna Bardall

“Knowledgeable, warm and encouraging. Mairi stretches everyone to show them what they are really capable of “- Margaret Murphy

“Mairi has a wonderful way of explaining technique that feels natural and makes so much sense. Mairi is supportive and helps me find the confidence I lack. Her musical flexibility allows me to explore many different musical genres and she guides me technically, creatively and personally throughout. My lessons with Mairi are the highlight of my week! “- Alex de Meyrick Gärdfors

“When she sits behind the piano you can’t see her over the top of the music..However she still manages……” – Jamie Telford

“Mairi is an excellent teacher and has enabled me to find my vocal range and learn to breathe properly. I would fully recommend her. p.s. Even if you don’t like singing, go to meet the dog, Rufus, he’s lovely…..” – Graham Wheeler